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Aug 20 '12

ON10: my story notes

As with the past two “On” stories, here are my notes from On Slayers, Fairy Tales, and Towns in Maine. Do not read them if you haven’t finished the story, because they do contain spoilers. My notes are after each section, in italics.

Slayers are trying to break into Storybrooke from the north, near the house of three gay men (the three bears). The mayor is ignoring them because they won’t be able to get through her spell. A woman named Lia (Aurelia) Lockwood is their friend. She’s the track coach at the school and met Brian (baby bear) while running (he runs too) and they became friends. She’s also a bottle-blonde.

In the beginning, the scope of the story was somewhat grander. However, I wanted to slim it down and make it all happen more quickly, so I had Leah (at the time spelled “Lia”) be a substitute teacher kind of down on her luck. Also, I didn’t give the Mayor an active role.

In the Enchanted Forest, Aurelia was on the run from a royal squad who wanted to do bad things to her. The bears sheltered her and fought them off, and she became friends with the youngest. But eventually the royals kidnapped Baby Bear until Aurelia went back to them, and it turns out that Aurelia was the lord’s mistress until she grew angry with being mistreated and spurned him. The bears must make a horrible choice, and give Aurelia over to the royals to get back Baby Bear.

Here I made Cub more of a toddler than a child, and I made the Lord much worse.

In Storybrooke, one afternoon, while Brian and Lia are running, they hit the barrier to the north— just as Willow is doing a spell to try and see what’s going on in there. The spell backfires and trades Lia for Shannon.

Outside the barrier, Lia suddenly comes into her slayer power, and it ripples along back to the Enchanted Forest, where, about to be attacked by the lord, she gains the power to fight him off and run for it. She ends up back at the bears’ cottage, where she eats the porridge, sits in the chair, falls asleep in the bed. She talks to the bears about what happened, apologizes for hurting them, and promises to leave if that’s what they want. But they’re her friends, and they forgive her, and promise to hide her the next time the lord sends for her. She won’t allow that, and tearfully departs.

I made the “ripple” a little more sensible: if Leah is 25, then nine years ago, when Willow did her spell, she would’ve been 16. Leah being 25 means that Aurelia was 25 when the Queen cast the spell.

In Storybrooke, Shannon has no idea WTF is going on, but because she is a slayer she can see through Rumplestiltskin’s magic. Brian brings her home — he offers to bring her to Casey, but she knows somehow that that would be a bad idea. That evening, Shannon talks to the bears, overcoming her fear of seeing them as they should be. She tells them who she is, and that she thinks Lia is okay, and that her friends will do everything they can to get Shannon home and Lia where she belongs. Casey calls the school to tell them that Lia’s come down with the flu and won’t be in for a few days; Philip is angry about the whole thing; Brian immediately gloms onto Shannon a la Andrew in season 7, and later Casey tells Shannon that Brian has a tendency to do that. The bears set Shannon up in a guest room, but she can’t sleep and eventually goes out to patrol, which always calms her down.

At this point I’d decided where exactly I was going with the story, so there will be fewer notes.

In the Enchanted Forest, Aurelia meets a fox named Scrapefoot who calls her Goldilocks (because of her golden hair). She offers some of her food to him, and tells him of her plight. He suggests getting back at the lord, for robbing her of the opportunity to be with her friends. He says he’ll help her. She agrees, and she and Scrapefoot break into the lord’s house. He’s got another mistress going to him, and she’s not happy; Aurelia takes her place, but when she plans to just threaten the lord, Scrapefoot kills him. Aurelia is horrified. Scrapefoot transforms into Rumplestiltskin — he just wanted the house (which is the one we eventually saw in the Beauty-and-the-Beast episode) ready-made for himself. He honors his deal and allows her to go free, along with the new mistress. Aurelia wants to fight, but R’s magic is too strong and he banishes her.

I figured there would be more impact for both Aurelia and the reader if she stopped the Lord in the middle of assaulting another girl.

In Storybrooke, Shannon hides from Emma and the other inhabitants of the town, seeing them for what they truly are. She comes upon Mr. Gold locking up his shop for the night, but really it’s Rumplestiltskin and she knows he has power. She follows him home, confronts him, and asks him to help her get home. He feigns ignorance, but eventually realizes that she knows who he is (not by name, though). He offers to make a deal with her, and while he looks hobgoblin-ish, she can feel his power and thinks she has no choice. But when the deal includes that someday she and her “friends” will help him when he’s in trouble, the way he says it puts her off and she declines and heads for the bears’ house.

I didn’t even mention Emma in my story, except in passing.

Outside Storybrooke, Lia is at a hotel with Willow and two other slayers, and they have explained everything. Lia has tested her strength and speed, and they even procured a vampire for her so she could see it was all true. But really, she just wants to go home. They put Lia in one of the rooms and let her try to sleep. One bed is too soft, one bed is too hard, but the third is just right. When Willow comes in, she sees Lia sleeping in the trainee slayer’s bed and smiles.

So to keep the story focused on my three main characters, I dropped the part with Willow.

In Storybrooke, it’s morning. Philip goes off to work — he can’t hide as well — and promises to put a sign on Casey’s door — “closed due to illness”, so if anyone asks, he’s taking care of Lia. Brian is awake, amazingly, and has helped with breakfast. Shannon is mildly amused that they made her eggs instead of porridge. They go out to the place where Shannon came through — trees blown back, a new clearing — and she goes up and touches the barrier. It hurts — a LOT — and she staggers back into Casey and Brian’s arms. But where she touched it’s smudged.

Changed the “touch” to a sword strike.

Outside Storybrooke, Willow, Lia, and the other slayers feel the energy discharge and Willow begins to cast her spell. Lia is partly disbelieving, but as the slayers point out, she IS a “hot chick with superpowers”. Just then Willow’s spell hits the barrier and they can see through to where Casey and Brian are holding Shannon. S & L get closer to each other and S realizes that L is Goldilocks… and she just starts to laugh. Willow tells Lia to reach for Shannon; Lia thanks the slayers and Willow and they touch. An explosion of light ripples through space and dimensions and—

I think I dropped the line about “hot chicks with superpowers”.

In Storybrooke, Lia flies into Casey and Brian’s arms, knocking them over. She scrambles to her feet, screaming, because now she can see them for what they are — bears. They explain to her that Shannon could do the same thing, and Lia realizes that, as a slayer, she has the same ability. She calms down and returns home with the bears, and realizes that her life will change. As she sits down on the living room couch, she picks up the newspaper and a picture of the mayor seems to change in front of her eyes, until she sees the evil queen.

Outside Storybrooke, at the Slayer School, Shannon is going over her debrief with Xander and Isabel. When she gets to the part about the deal, they get a little concerned — even though no one can get into Storybrooke, the possibility remains that someday Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold will find out about the rest of them. Shannon says it’s not just him — it’s the evil queen, too. Evil queen? Yes — Shannon saw her leaving her office, and she saw her as the queen. At least they have Lia on the inside. They hope she’s okay.

So to make the story stand alone a little more, I had the debrief occur at the hotel in Storybrooke. Plus it kept the immediacy of the Shannon/Amber “conflict”.

In the Enchanted Forest, Aurelia returns to the Three Bears and tells them what happened. She agrees to stay with them and protect them, and she shows them her new powers. They agree to build her a little cottage on their property, and stand united against Rumplestiltskin should he decide to come after her. Or them. She’s part of their family now.

Epilogue: the barrier falls, magic comes to Storybrooke, and Lia, who is in the teacher’s lounge at the school, feels all the memories of being Aurelia/Goldilocks, and when she can breathe again, she grabs the phone and calls the number Amber gave her before sending her home. She has a feeling she’s going to need some help.

No other major changes.

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